Sandi, never underestimating the need to extend a helping hand to our animal counterparts, is offering free 15-minute psychic readings to those who donate a minimum of $20 to their favorite Animal Rescue Organizations. 

Some of Sandi's God-given gifts, include: Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, and empathic goodies... though I find sometimes having these gifts can be a burden, I now know I can help people in all ways that present themselves. So in other words, I help you, you help the animals!

To redeem your free 15-minute intuitive reading, you'll need to email, or text me, with a copy of your donation receipt of $20 or more (the more you donate, the longer your reading). That's it! We can then schedule a time for your free reading!

Join Sandi in this overwhelming effort to help our animal friends, and those who would appear to have no hope at all.  Let's ban together and save our animal friends.

Unsure as to where to donate? Here are two of my favorites (to start with):

Keep in mind that you can choose your own favorite... please just make it count!

Many blessings!


Email / 505.467.9655